Why playing Axie Infinity can be dangerous?

Why playing Axie Infinity can be dangerous?

I know you’ll be curious to know what I want to say about Axie Infinity. Someone approached me the day I held a seminar about the effects and damages that Axie Infinity has brought into the world. Don’t be shocked by what you’re reading. Honestly, if you can pay attention and shun distractions as you read through, you’ll later agree with my point of view concerning this matter. 

There’s a saying that “there’s nothing in life without a limitation or a weakness.” Firstly, I need to ask if you agree with that saying. Then, if you agree with that saying, you should also agree with me that Axie Infinity has its side effects. Do you know that as some people are hailing Axie Infinity, some people are also thinking about how to stop playing it? That’s an irony of life. I am talking about people that understand every cheat and trick to win. I was shocked when a friend told me that he was looking for a way to stop playing Axie Infinity. Then, I began to ask him a series of questions. Honestly, I wanted to know why and I am also looking for a way to encourage him to continue playing this game. Don’t mind me; I was thinking about the money he had made from playing Axie Infinity. But he replied, “you can’t understand.”

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So, since then, I traveled in thought, and I came out with something interesting. Do you know playing Axie Infinity can be dangerous? Oh! Let me ask this way. Do you know that there are side effects or limitations to Axie Infinity? 

Thus, who will answer the above-listed question? And that’s what this article is all about. I’ll be revealing the shortcomings of Axie Infinity, and I’ll be showing you how spending much time on this game can be dangerous.

Why playing Axie can be dangerous?

Axie can be dangerous
  1. Axie Infinity is beyond having fun: Axie Infinity these days has gone beyond having fun. Initially, games are created to take people out of worries and stress and make them feel relaxed. Although, Axie started with the intent of helping people to come out of concern and pressure from their daily work. But playing Axie Infinity turns into a platform to gather worries and more mental stress as time goes on. What do I mean? No one prays to lose in Axie. If you lose, then the money used to buy the three creatures called Axies has gone. So, you have to stay awake and look for every means to be relevant in the game. I have seen people whose health is at risk because they’ve invested so much in Axie Infinity and think about how the money will not be a waste. So, if we go by the initial intention of creating a game to reduce worries and stress and make people feel relaxed, then Axie Infinity is out of the radar. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. You can also read about Play to earn games by clicking here.
  2. Playing Axie Infinity increases laziness among the youths:
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Nowadays, children are looking for a simple way to make money. The kids and even some adults also withdrew from their daily and concentrated on a game. Can you imagine that? What can you say to prove that your daily job is playing Axie Infinity? Have you seen youths around you playing this game and taking it as a profession? So, if that is the case, then Axie Infinity should be seen as a business and not a game. If you want to play Axie and earn money, you must first invest. One must buy three Axies before one is eligible to play this game. Is this how games are planned or created in the first instance? So, why did games turn into a business where you have the chance of winning or losing that might bring worries and sleepless nights? You need to think about this point and agree with me. Nowadays, youths are hiding underplaying play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, and they have one way or the other, take this game as a profession. Is that right? 

  1. High risk of losing money: Many people had lost a reasonable amount of money in investing in playing Axie Infinity. I see as though things are turning upside down. It is now in our generation that you’ll see strange things happening. I don’t know when the game turns out to be an investment. It should be crystal clear that you’re engaging in investment if you’re investing.
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On the other hand, a game should also maintain its purpose. And we all know that games are created for entertainment. So, if you want to play Axie Infinity, you need money to buy a starter pack. And if you lose the game, you must purchase another package to start over again. Then, how can I play a game without losing? Is it possible? So, the more I lose, the more I spend money to restart. 

  1. The high price to partake in Axie Infinity: Engaging in this game can be dangerous because Axie Infinity’s starter pack is expensive. Imagine someone spending $500 on buying Axies which might later be useless at the end of the game. I also heard that the price of these Axies is not fixed or stable. The price fluctuates. Research shows that this game has made up to $2 billion in sales. Can you imagine that? As the price of these Axies is increasing in the marketplace, the cost of buying a starter pack is rising. This topic is what you need to concur with. The points here are fundamental. 

On a final note

This article is not to stand against anybody’s write-up. I am only trying to educate you and open your eyes to see something different. Of course, life itself is full of ups and downs. So, I am not writing to stop you from playing this game. I am only showing you the other side of the story about this game. Do you find it interesting? Why not share with people? You can do that by sharing the link to this page with families and friends. Finally, do you have a question? Drop it in the comment box. Also read about The 8-Step SEO Strategy for Higher Rankings in 2021 by visiting http://ps3addict.net/the-8-step-seo-strategy-for-higher-rankings-in-2021/