Axie Infinity: A Risky or Safe Investment

Investing in play-to-earn games such as axie infinity game is better than merely spending money on in-game purchases in other online video games that would yield no returns.

The associate vice president for investment instruction of the Junior Fellowship for Financial Literacy – an organization formed by Ateneo de Manila University students – stressed a list of things that must be considered and evaluated before investing in axie infinity game.

Generally, people need to know their objective and risk tolerance level. For me, the first thing you must consider before you enter any investment is the risk. How much are you ready to lose, and how comfortable are you to lose?

As an investor, I warned against making decisions based only on the hype toward a product. And, it is not wise to jump on the hype. You can earn through hype because you go along with the trend you make with people, but you may be constrained without a proper exit plan.

The price volatility of cryptocurrencies must also be considered as they are harder to predict than stocks. Early in the second quarter of the year, the SLP soared to a rate of P20. As of Sept. 14, 3:00 p.m., the SLP was valued at P4.40.

Axie Infinity: A Risky or Safe Investment

Axie Infinity seems volatile, and that’s the scary part. It can be unpredictable sometimes, so you cannot make a long-term plan for it if that’s the case. It is easier to create long-term goals than stocks because you have the fundamentals.

Overall, some financial experts believe axie infinity game is risky, considering it was created in 2018 and has only recently gotten the hype in the market. Although you could earn a good passive income from it, the problem is it’s not always about the returns.

Suppose you are a potential manager or scholar. In that case, you need always to treat whatever money you are making from axie infinity game only as a “blessing” or a backup source of income, even if your earnings from it tremendously exceed your primary source of income.

Axie Infinity’s two-year history is enough for it to gain credibility. As an expert in the cryptocurrency world, I am used to assessing the risks of whatever wants to take my money. Axie Infinity has been operating since 2018. That’s already four years. Come to think of it; there must have been players since then. They have not shut down either. The developers are still working, and the game is still gaining popularity.

Axie Infinity: A Risky or Safe Investment

What are the risks involved? 

The game would be more stable if threats on the system were handled well. Cyberattacks such as DDoS can halt a site’s operation by flooding it with several malicious traffic. 

Meanwhile, other controllable risk factors also threaten axie infinity game players, such as getting banned from the game. That is his top-most concern. An individual playing on multiple accounts is among the grounds for getting banned.

With the scholarship, the main risk is having your account banned. When your scholar’s account gets banned, even the manager’s account would be banned as well, which is why you still need to hesitate to take in scholars from people you don’t know. 

Aside from getting banned, players should also fear having their wallets hacked through phishing. A social engineering attack is often used to steal user data, including credentials and credit card numbers.

Phishing scams are prevalent when it comes to cryptocurrencies. That is why you need to be careful of the links you click, as well as the cryptocurrency sites you visit. You also need to be cautious of Ronin Wallet.

Ronin Wallet is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to play axie infinity game and other decentralized applications running on Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain explicitly built for blockchain games. Ronin Wallet and Metamask are two crypto wallet accounts needed to cash in and convert Ethereum to Axies.

Axie Infinity: A Risky or Safe Investment

What are the Regulations?

In the Philippines, where their minimum wage falls between P316 and P537 per day, Axie Infinity has presented itself as an appealing option to expand families’ declining economic capabilities amid the pandemic fallout.

The primary reason was how taxes were not deducted from their generated income. However, recent reports said the Department of Finance (DOF) recognizes transactions made from axie infinity game as taxable.

Based on reports, Finance Undersecretary Antonette Tionko said the cryptocurrency earned from the game is taxable. However, the government is yet to establish a mechanism to collect taxes from digital assets.

However, she disclosed that both the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have yet to decide if an “Axie” would be characterized either as a security or a currency. She said its characterization would determine how it should be taxed.

Axie Infinity: A Risky or Safe Investment

Sky Mavis has not yet registered in the Philippines. Both the SEC and BSP earlier said they are still studying the regulatory touchpoints regarding Axie and that they are not yet requiring the company to register. Sky Mavis told players in a statement a month ago to comply with their home country’s regulations and tax rules.

Under the law, a foreign entity must secure prior registration with the SEC if they want to do business in the country. By registering, their onshore operations will be subject to Philippine tax laws.

If individuals decide to transact with unregistered entities, the SEC said the government could offer little to no protection against harm and any form of misconduct from these companies.

Plans to impose taxes on earnings from axie infinity game have since triggered adverse reactions from the Filipino Axie community. They also wondered how the government would track those earning from the game if the nature of cryptocurrency allows anonymity.


Despite people’s high level of interest in cryptocurrencies, Miranda asserted that skepticism toward them will always be present. I encourage you to understand cryptocurrencies and how they work before assuming that investing in axie infinity game is a scam, considering its prerequisite of buying at least three Axies before getting started.

Why are NFT games so popular?

Why Axie Infinity Is Not An Ideal Play-To-Earn Game For Children

Imagine you earning a very huge amount of money while playing a Pokémon-style game. How does that feel? I know it would be exciting to sit in the comfort of your home and earn crypto, which you can convert into cash in hand or at the bank. That’s why play-to-earn games are gaining more fame and acceptability everywhere. 

Meanwhile, Axie Infinity is one of the top play-to-earn games trending in gaming. It provides players with a better opportunity to make as much money as possible in a day, so different age groups are signing up for the game. From tender children to older adults, the play-to-earn has the most diversified membership in the industry.

Axie infinity combines cryptocurrency and game-play. That, and many other reasons, make younger folks more passionate about playing the game. That contributes immensely to its sudden boom in recent times, recording millions of daily active users (primarily teenagers) worldwide. 

The Axie Infinity boom took off in the Phillippines, whose economy severely affected the Covid-19 pandemic. Unable to work in their usual roles due to lockdown, many turned to Axie Infinity due to its play to earn nature as a source of income – and have continued to enrich players’ pockets for more than two years.

But how does Axie Infinity actually work? And what are the possible risks for young people? Read on to find out the details.

What is Axie Infinity?

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a play to earn community in which players buy creatures called Axies and use them for breeding, exploring, and battling with other Axies. It is developed by the gaming company Sky Mavis and runs through the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The play-to-earn game has an 18+ age rating. Still, with its Pokémon-style design and no cage-verification process, it is visually appealing to younger children. 

To play this game, you first need to buy the starter three Axies with Ethereum. Mind you, these initial Axies can cost up to $1,500 or £1,115. Axie infinity developers are currently working on creating a less expensive version of the play-to-earn game that could be free to play and available to download in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Sky Mavis has developed their digital wallet, which you can link to the game environment. Once linked, you can then buy Axies through your Ronin wallet. 

There are two main ways to play to earn rewards in this game. These methods involve seeking out two different assets. One is SLP or Smooth Love Potion. You earn SLP by playing adventure games or arena matches and completing daily quests. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is the resource required to breed Axies, and there’s an unlimited supply. 

The second resource is AXS tokens. These are limited resources; there are only 270,000,000 in the game. AXS is an Ethereum token. Players holding AXS tokens have governance rights in the game, meaning they can decide about its future. If this flow continues, they may also be able to buy out Sky Mavis and run a fully decentralized economy in-game. 

Players can also buy virtual plots of land in the game’s universe, called Lucia. You can sell the Axies for AXS tokens or trade them within the game. Then, you can transfer them into fiat currency.

Understanding Axies and NFTs

nderstanding Axies and NFTs

An Axie is a potential NFT: a ‘non-fungible token.’ Non-fungible means are irreplaceable. If you purchase an NFT, you own the exclusive URL describing it. Even if a player were to screen-shot the image of your NFT, they wouldn’t have access to replace its unique data identifier. This play-to-earn game lets you – as the owner of the NFT – possess that character, even when you’re not playing. 

Scholars, managers, guilds

People have evaded the high costs of joining is to using Axie Infinity’s scholars and scheme. Managers are users that have either been playing the game since it first started or wealthy users who have been able to purchase an extensive collection of Axies. 

Managers give their Axies to users who cannot afford the initial purchase price. These scholars – then play to earn rewards in the game using borrowed Axies, earning SLP and AXS tokens. In return, the manager asks for a share of what they earn. This can be from 10% to 60%. Managers and scholars can form a guild with other managers and scholars teams and take on tougher challenges. 

Applications to become a scholar have become increasingly popular, as users recognize it as the easiest way of joining Axie Infinity. Click here to read about Guilds in the transition to modernity: The cases of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

What else do you need to know?

Value fluctuation 

As with any cryptocurrency-related venture, it’s important to remember that the value of your currency or your NFT can vary massively. Sky Mavis isn’t responsible for any money you lose if the game goes under or if the value of AXS tokens or Ethereum drops. It’s possible to put a lot of money into the game only to find that the value of your Axies has decreased, and they are not as profitable as they once were. 

Age restrictions 

Axie Infinity is rated 18+. However, there is no age-verification process. When you sign up to Axie, you do so via your crypto wallet. The recommended wallet, MetaMask, allows users under 18 if they have parental permission. This is the case with other crypto wallets. Be careful that if you’ve let your child open one of these wallets, they could quickly sign up to play the game. 

Age restrictions 

Children should not be playing Axie Infinity. They are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by other players. They may not fully understand the consequences of the ‘real’ money they are spending. You can also read about What Is Play-to-Earn and How to Cash Out? by visiting

The manager/scholar model

Axie Infinity is an easy way to make money without leaving home – in theory – but it’s now prohibitively expensive to even join the game unless you participate as a scholar. Playing Axie Infinity doesn’t guarantee job security. While managers are interested in creating an active community, others are likely interested in their profit. If your manager asks for a share of more than half what you make via playing, you can actually earn less than minimum wageOften scholars are in precarious positions, and having a profit-driven manager can exploit this. Children around the age restrictions would also fall into this vulnerable category of players.

Final Words 

Suppose you’re willing to put in the time and effort. In that case, gaming can be a very lucrative career, something we’ve already seen with Esports players. But where this play-to-earn game differs is in the use of cryptocurrency, which is unstable. Until they turn 18, ensure that your child isn’t using Axie Infinity. They could lose vast sums of money or be taken advantage of by other players. Check out: Core business aspects of NFT play to earn games

Why are NFT games so popular?

NFT games are one of the trendiest new cryptocurrency subjects and with cause. NFTs are a relatively new token designed to address some of the most pressing challenges confronting the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have had tremendous success in recent years, their use is restricted since they can only be used as a medium of exchange and store of value. This is where NFTs enter the picture.

NFTs are popular because they rapidly evoke memories of products from games, films, and everyday life. The success of Crypto Kitties provided a significant boost to NFTs, and new NFT games are being released on a daily basis. People acquire things for the sheer joy of it and for the bragging rights.

Different types of NFT games

Earn money by playing

Through games that emphasize monetary gain, video games are raised as an income source. Each participant gets a one-of-a-kind item with established scarcity that they may retain. This notion allows players to make use of their stuff in a variety of different games.

In the best NFT games, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the play-to-earn paradigm. The built-in incentives are what distinguish them from other types of games. These incentives shift power away from game producers and toward the community’s strongest players.

Reward opportunities inside the game

The second sort of NFT game requires players to collect in-game items in order to proceed through the game, especially those having a monetary value. The best NFT games in this category allow players to collect in-game assets in the form of NFTs. You can read about the Top 5 NFT Games You Can Play To Earn $100 a Day: ‘Splinterlands,’ ‘Lost Relics,’ and MORE by clicking here.

Players may collect and swap weapons, characters, vehicles, and other in-game items in a variety of ways. NFTs are the only kind of currency that may be traded.

Depending on the game, players have two options: assembling NFTs till they get crypto prizes or selling NFT games for profit.



Gamified learning is prevalent in a number of NFT games. There is a true goldmine of educational material accessible through a game-like user interface that promotes learning. These NFT games are completely free to play and need no upfront commitment.

The advantages and disadvantages of NFT games

Consider some of the most significant benefits and drawbacks of the top NFT games.

Advantages: Increased income opportunities

Experts developed NFTs in response to an uneven digital environment. As a result of their efforts, the NFTs have garnered considerable attention and investment.

Advantages: Smart contracts

Smart contracts are often regarded as the lifeblood of the fast-developing blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, it enables automatic executions in response to certain circumstances.

Advantages: Immutability

After the legality and blockchain truthfulness of NFTs are confirmed, they cannot be altered or replaced. Additionally, their underlying authenticity is divided into three categories: genuine, actual, and irrelevant.

Advantages: Ownership pride

Finally, but certainly not least, generous contributors have an easy way to support the artistic community. NFTs may be cherished additions to their memorabilia collection.

Negative: An unregulated market

The finest NFT games now available on the market have an important emotional and visual component. In the long term, estimating the cost of NFTs is difficult.

Cons: Theft is a possibility.

NFTs are perfect for cyber theft from the perspective of hackers. As a result, many exchanges have security difficulties as a result of old or inadequate practices.

Cons: Concerns about sustainability

Numerous analysts believe that the rising NFT market will contribute significantly to the fast depletion of the earth’s natural resources, since the system that powers it consumes a lot of energy.

Given that the majority of NFTs’ security and distribution technology is derived from Ethereum, each transaction is anticipated to use over 48.14 kilowatt-hours of energy. To put things into perspective, the average global energy use per person is only 58 kilowatt-hours per day.

Cons: Possibility of ownership and control difficulties

The ownership principle is not applicable to the replication and distribution of NFTs across many platforms. The fact that you possess the NFT does not mean that you have the ability to prevent or even affect the production of NFT’prints. You can also read about NFT’s Advantages and Disadvantages and a glimpse of the NFT by visiting

How can I begin with NFT gaming?

The first step is to invest in the NFT games sector. Always do due diligence before investing. Following that, you’ll need to focus on amassing your tokens.

It is vital to remember to invest just what you can afford. To maximize your enjoyment of these games, it’s necessary to first grasp how the economy works.

What role does a cryptocurrency wallet play in blockchain gaming?

It is a cryptocurrency-backed digital wallet. It is possible to trade and earn money in NFT games that make use of such a digital wallet.

What are microtransactions/in-game purchases?

The term ‘micro transaction’ refers to in-game transactions in NFT games. ‘MTX’ is a typical colloquial abbreviation for this term.

Micropayments may be used to acquire virtual items, such as game assets, under this business model. Microtransactions are more prevalent in free-to-play games.

What role do cryptocurrencies play?

Trading cryptocurrencies entails the acquisition and sale of any kind of cryptocurrency coin. Numerous NFT games now support a number of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Cadence. To initiate the transaction, investors create an account on an online trading platform.

How can you make money playing NFT games?

The game’s mechanics dictate how much money you can make while playing.

You might earn money from other players who appreciate the NFTs or cryptocurrencies you earn while playing various games. To earn money, you may either sell your unique items or in-game currency at a market, exchange, or auction house — some of which are located inside the game, while others are accessible through Defi marketplaces.

Is the buzz around NFTs justified?

Without a doubt, the best NFT games are inspired by well-known genres.

Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that the finest NFT games to invest in are profitable in unique ways since they serve as both entertainment and a source of income for a large number of individuals. Additionally, their integration of blockchain technology distinguishes them.

NFTs are increasingly being incorporated into sports memorabilia and sports themselves. As a result, engaging millions of followers globally is a natural option for NFTs. NFT games are becoming more relevant for companies and players alike. Check out: DeFi and Play to earn games

Why playing Axie Infinity can be dangerous?

I know you’ll be curious to know what I want to say about Axie Infinity. Someone approached me the day I held a seminar about the effects and damages that Axie Infinity has brought into the world. Don’t be shocked by what you’re reading. Honestly, if you can pay attention and shun distractions as you read through, you’ll later agree with my point of view concerning this matter. 

There’s a saying that “there’s nothing in life without a limitation or a weakness.” Firstly, I need to ask if you agree with that saying. Then, if you agree with that saying, you should also agree with me that Axie Infinity has its side effects. Do you know that as some people are hailing Axie Infinity, some people are also thinking about how to stop playing it? That’s an irony of life. I am talking about people that understand every cheat and trick to win. I was shocked when a friend told me that he was looking for a way to stop playing Axie Infinity. Then, I began to ask him a series of questions. Honestly, I wanted to know why and I am also looking for a way to encourage him to continue playing this game. Don’t mind me; I was thinking about the money he had made from playing Axie Infinity. But he replied, “you can’t understand.”

playing Axie Infinity

So, since then, I traveled in thought, and I came out with something interesting. Do you know playing Axie Infinity can be dangerous? Oh! Let me ask this way. Do you know that there are side effects or limitations to Axie Infinity? 

Thus, who will answer the above-listed question? And that’s what this article is all about. I’ll be revealing the shortcomings of Axie Infinity, and I’ll be showing you how spending much time on this game can be dangerous.

Why playing Axie can be dangerous?

Axie can be dangerous
  1. Axie Infinity is beyond having fun: Axie Infinity these days has gone beyond having fun. Initially, games are created to take people out of worries and stress and make them feel relaxed. Although, Axie started with the intent of helping people to come out of concern and pressure from their daily work. But playing Axie Infinity turns into a platform to gather worries and more mental stress as time goes on. What do I mean? No one prays to lose in Axie. If you lose, then the money used to buy the three creatures called Axies has gone. So, you have to stay awake and look for every means to be relevant in the game. I have seen people whose health is at risk because they’ve invested so much in Axie Infinity and think about how the money will not be a waste. So, if we go by the initial intention of creating a game to reduce worries and stress and make people feel relaxed, then Axie Infinity is out of the radar. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. You can also read about Play to earn games by clicking here.
  2. Playing Axie Infinity increases laziness among the youths:
a man using mobile

Nowadays, children are looking for a simple way to make money. The kids and even some adults also withdrew from their daily and concentrated on a game. Can you imagine that? What can you say to prove that your daily job is playing Axie Infinity? Have you seen youths around you playing this game and taking it as a profession? So, if that is the case, then Axie Infinity should be seen as a business and not a game. If you want to play Axie and earn money, you must first invest. One must buy three Axies before one is eligible to play this game. Is this how games are planned or created in the first instance? So, why did games turn into a business where you have the chance of winning or losing that might bring worries and sleepless nights? You need to think about this point and agree with me. Nowadays, youths are hiding underplaying play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, and they have one way or the other, take this game as a profession. Is that right? 

  1. High risk of losing money: Many people had lost a reasonable amount of money in investing in playing Axie Infinity. I see as though things are turning upside down. It is now in our generation that you’ll see strange things happening. I don’t know when the game turns out to be an investment. It should be crystal clear that you’re engaging in investment if you’re investing.
money on fire

On the other hand, a game should also maintain its purpose. And we all know that games are created for entertainment. So, if you want to play Axie Infinity, you need money to buy a starter pack. And if you lose the game, you must purchase another package to start over again. Then, how can I play a game without losing? Is it possible? So, the more I lose, the more I spend money to restart. 

  1. The high price to partake in Axie Infinity: Engaging in this game can be dangerous because Axie Infinity’s starter pack is expensive. Imagine someone spending $500 on buying Axies which might later be useless at the end of the game. I also heard that the price of these Axies is not fixed or stable. The price fluctuates. Research shows that this game has made up to $2 billion in sales. Can you imagine that? As the price of these Axies is increasing in the marketplace, the cost of buying a starter pack is rising. This topic is what you need to concur with. The points here are fundamental. 

On a final note

This article is not to stand against anybody’s write-up. I am only trying to educate you and open your eyes to see something different. Of course, life itself is full of ups and downs. So, I am not writing to stop you from playing this game. I am only showing you the other side of the story about this game. Do you find it interesting? Why not share with people? You can do that by sharing the link to this page with families and friends. Finally, do you have a question? Drop it in the comment box. Also read about The 8-Step SEO Strategy for Higher Rankings in 2021 by visiting